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Dr. Brainstorm Hay fever

Hi I am Dr. Brainstorm, like you might already know. I specialize in Hay fever wich is a type of allergy. It is not ussually a dangerous allergy, but it can be quit annoying. Below is an explanation of how Hay fever is caused.

How Hay Fever is caused:

Hay fever is caused by the pollen of certain plants, weeds, and grasses. The pollen is meant to fertilize other plants, but many of the tiny particles of pollen never reach the plants, instead they land into the human noses, and throats. In some people the pollen can cause an allergic reaction.

Allergic Reaction

Normally the immune system fends of unwanted invaders, like bacteria, and viruses. But in Allergic reactions the immune system responds to a false alarm. When an allergic person first comes in contact with an allergen the immune system works the way it is supposed to, it generates a large amount of antibodies, which are called immunoglobulin E. The immunoglobulin E molecules attach to tissue cells, and cells in the blood. But the allergen attaches itself to the immunoglobulin E like a piece of a puzzle attaching to another piece of a puzzle. This causes the immunoglobulin E to get released from the cell it is attached to, which in some cases produces chemicals, like histamines. The effect of the chemicals on some areas of the body causes the symptoms of allergy.

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