Case Study


Fiona E Nusteling is a 29-year-old female. She was born in the Nederland’s, but then moved to Malaysia, and grew up there. But recently she moved back to the Nederland’s, where she experienced hay fever for the first time.

Patient Assessment:

Fiona came in to the Allergy Police Clinic, and complained of red watery eyes, itchy nose, coughing, dark circles under her eyes, and tiredness. At first I told her it was just a cold, but she said it had been going on for weeks now, and it hadn’t stopped. So I took her into my room, and examined her nasal mucous membranes, which appeared swollen. I told her she had hay fever; at first she was shocked, because she thought it was some sort of dangerous sickness. But when I told her it was not dangerous at all, only a bit annoying, she seemed more relieved. The only real bad thing she could get from hay fever was conjunctivitis, in other words pink eye, which caused red-rimmed eyes. It is bad because then she would have to stay home from work, since it is contagious.


She asked if there were any cures to allergy, and I told her that there were two different kinds of treatments. The first one was Antihistamine drugs that cause relief for a few weeks, but it is used for a short amount of time. The other one is desensitization by injections is more effective, and a long-range treatment. Also unless you take a treatment 1 3rd of the people with allergies get asthma. Fiona chose the second option, because she would be living in the nederlands for quite a long time.
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