Adam Wheezer

Symptoms: Wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath.

Diagnosis: He has a cigarette in his mouth(surprise, surprise) and as you all know smoking causes asthma. Adam also has Eczema and asthma is strongly suspected if a patient has Eczema. When taking a blood test we also found out he is allergic to his dog. We need to limit his exposure to his dog.

Treatment: I limited exposure to his dog, put him off from smoking(if he doesn't he might die from lung cancer too) I also gave him an asthma inhaler.

The story:
So I was sitting in my office replying to Dr. Siggowitz emails about his perfect eyes when this skinny, pale man opened the door to my office, he had a cigarette in his mouth. He looked like a zombie coming to eat my flesh. "Get out!" I yelled. "But you're Dr. Asthma the best Asthma doctor ever, I need your help please!!" he pleaded. "Oh ok, I thought you were a zombie or something come to eat my flesh." I remarked. I asked him his name, he replied shakily "Adam Wyatt sir." I asked him what symptons he has had these last few days and he said he has
Asthma Inhaler
experienced, wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath and blah blah blah.... boring! From the first three symptons I already can tell he has Asthma and the cigarette in his mouth gives me even more evidence. I took a blood test and found out he is allergic to his doggy. I asked him if he spends time with his dog everyday. He replied yes. I asked if he has Eczema and he said "Absolutely, I can show it to you." I made a disgusted face and said no. I told him that if a patient has Eczema then Asthma is strongly suspected. I told him that being exposed to something that you're allergic to triggers Asthma, I also told him that smoking causes Asthma and he should pop that Cigarette out of his mouth and throw it in the trash. I also told him that smoking causes lung cancer and he immediately popped the cigarette out of his mouth. At the end of the case, I gave him an asthma inhaler, put him off smoking and to spend less time with his dog. We shook hands and I cried out "Another patient cured!" I got back to my office sipped some coffee and got back to replying to Dr. Siggowitz Emails.

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