Eye'm All Ears

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Welcome to the Eye'm All Ears Clinic! We are the finest clinic in the country so please come down for a visit if you have any problems. We are able to deal with the eyes, ears and Asthma.

Doctor Biographies:

Dr. Eyestein(Karsten)
Dr. Siggowitz(Rasmus)
Dr. Hoyte (Marco)
Dr. Asthma(Ampharin)

Specialty Area:

The eye (Dr. Eyestein)
The ear. (Dr. Hoyte)
The Eye (Dr. Siggowitz)

Patient Case Study:

Adam Wheezer(Dr. Asthma)
Sam Myeye (Dr.Eyestein)
Ocram (Dr. Hoyte)
Sumsar (Dr. Siggowitz)