i_c.jpg Ice-Cream Clinic

Welcome to the Ice-Cream Clinic. We have docors that specialize in Osteoporosis, Thyroid disease, the Eye and the Ear. We each have been specifically trained in these areas and have combined our expertise to open this clinic. We work well as a team because we are friends that can communicate well and we enjoy working together at the Ice-cream clinic.

Doctor Biographies:
Dr. Vanilla (Katelyn)
Dr. Sherbet (Jenny)
Dr. Lemon Lime (Emma)
Dr. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Mari)

Doctor Specialties:
Thyroid disease-Dr.Lemon Lime
Eye-Dr.Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Patient Cases:
Amy wood-osteoporosis in the spine-Dr.vanilla-H-Patient cases
Amelia Roberts-Otitais Meida-Dr.sherbet
Jane Jones-Hypothyroidism-Dr.Lemon Lime
Kate Jakson-Cataracts-Dr. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough