Welcome, to the Mansernal General Clinic. Come in sick and frail and come out better!

Mansernal Inhaler
Mansernal Inhaler
The special Mansernal Inhaler made by Dr.Nani (Only for Mansernal Clinic Guests)

Doctor Biographies
Dr. Giggs (Dhevian)
Dr. Van Persie (Jarred)
Dr. Nani (AJ)
Dr. Rooney (Daichi)
Dr. Gerrard (Tarrant)

Dr. Giggs: Diabetes
Dr. Van Persie: Immune System
Dr. Nani: Asthma #1
Dr. Rooney: Asthma #2
Dr. Gerrard: Diabetes #2

Patient Case Study
Dr.Giggs: Billy Joe
Dr.Van Persie: Fredrik Jackson
Dr.Nani: DJ Kim
Dr.Rooney: Mr. Bobby Bobiddy Bob
Dr. Gerrard: Glenn Thaunders