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Patient Case Study

patient: James Bumble

Case: Junk food addiction

Date: December 15, 2007

Doctor: Dr. Bob

what patient said:

i was at Mcdonalds every single day this week after school.

i always order the chicken nuggets. they have a good taste to it.

and there is so much juice in the nuggets they make me eat more.

what doctor Bob said:

James your body can't take that much fat and that can gain you weight and become so fat.
you need to exercise everyday to keep your heart muscle and your muscles strong and healthy.
so you need to eat healthy like eat fruits that are sweet and yummy. put more vegetables on your side.
Eat outside on the weekend only. your mom cooks healthy food for the family, so don't just go eat Mcdonalds everyday after school go eat your moms cooking. Tomorrow your coming to my friend he does a exercise program to keep you healthy and strong.

what patient said:

Ok i will come tomorrow for the program.

what Dr.Bob said: here is your medicine.