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specialist in food allergies .

these days people in the U.S eat Mcdonalds, Burger king, KFC, chickfilet, whataburger, and subway.

These places in the U.S.A or Asia are making people so fat that they can't exercise.

If you can't exercise you will not get muscles and you will have heart diseases and maybe die.
if you go to Mcdonalds and if you see how they make the chicken nuggets or burgers they put a special made chicken or burger to addict you to eat more. If you eat more you will have a disease and what i do is i take him/her to a mile run then focus on the thighs and arms to lose fat by working on a exercise machine. we blend fruits,vegtables,ice, and milk for a nice sweet healthy smoothie.
he/she must be on a diet.

when people eat allergic things that they are allergic too.

About 40% of the world is allergic to nuts. when a person eats it they will choke or get sweaty and fall a sleep for 2 hours. when you choke the peanut is in your throat and is choking so we give the person a glass of water and then we push on his belly by wrapping our arms to the person then the peanut gets out and we give him special mediction to keep him/her safe.