Name of body system: Immune system
What the Immune system do: Your immune system is made to help you fight bacterias and makes the bacterias stay away. If something dies in your immune system, bacterias starts streaming into your body and it can make you sick because there is nothing to fight the bacterias, so your immune system is a very important system in your body.
What foods you can be allergic to: you can be allergic to pretty much every thing, but here are some of the common things you can be allergic to.. Nuts, Peanut Butter, Fish, shell Fish, eggs, milk, cheese, tomatos, fruits, cakes, candy, ice cream, drinks, and carrots.
Treatments: pills, cream, vaccinations.

3 Good tips if you are allergic or you think you are:

  • stay away from the foods or animals you believe you are allergic to.
  • check with your doctor if you believe you are allergic to something.
  • Tell your mom or dad if you feel sick or if there is something wrong.
5 Good tips what to do if you get a reaction:
  • Take a shower.
  • take new clothes on.
  • drink a lot of water.
  • sit down for a minute.
  • if you know what you are allergic to take some medication.

If I want to know if I am allergic what do I do?
If you want to know if you are allergic to something, see you doctor and you will have to get a Skin Test.
A Skin Test is a test the doctors use to find out if you are allergic.
The doctor takes the bacterias from the foods you thing you are allergic to, (if you don't have any ideas what you could be allergic to then the doctor just takes different kinds of food juice) then he draw on your arm and puts the juice on, after putting the juice on he takes small needles and sticks it in the juice after he finish that you have to wait for 5 minutes. when the 5 min. has past you can see what you are allergic to by looking at your arm, if you are red then you are allergic to the food that was in that spot if normal skin color you are not allergic to that food.
Also look down on the picture where you can see the skin test.

What medicine do I have to take?

If you have eczema you had to get special cream to put on every day 3 times.
if you have breathing problems, swelling mouth, sore/red eyes you have to take pills, if you have swelling troat you would have to get drinking medicine,
and if the medicine didn't work you had to get a vaccinatons.

Different kinds of medicine.

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